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The last journey

The Last Journey

On the timescale of the history of the earth an individual human lifetime is a mere blink of an eye. In this short journey we travel a lot. Material life on earth apparently has its presence in two different parts. In a part, we are the active member of the journey and in other; we are just, spectators role to play. Nothing to do, nothing to suggest and nothing to orient. Just wait for the journey to be end. And that is our last journey on the surface of the earth. Unfortunately.

Location: Dhaka.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Façade of splendor

The starting of this story is more than hundred and fifty years ago while the Baliati Zamindars in Bangladesh situated about 35 miles northwest of Dhaka and 5 miles east of Manikgang district headquarters. The palaces is also used to known as “Dosh-ani-Zaminder bari” due to inheritance of a portion of the main complex from Roy chand by the wishers of first wife Among the zaminders, Kishorilal roy chowdhury and Roybahadur Harendra Kumer Roy Chowdhury were the famous and keen enough to realize the necessity of knowledge that compelled them to establish jagarnath college and K.L Jubily High school. The Baliati Zaminderbari originally consisted of five similar but separate blocks. The south façade of grand palace presents an attractive frontage of about 400 feet of the extant four blocks of the palace, the two central blocks are two-storied and the other two terminal ones are three-storied. The lofty encircling walls of the imposing Zaminderbari complex are pierced by three superb gateways, identical in their architectural features. This remarkable complex is acquired by the Bangladesh archeological department with anew given name “Baliati Palace” as a protected cultural property.In exploring the expressiveness of this marvelous structure with time, culture and mood, the attached twelve snaps tell the story subtracting it into three constituent parts. First part expresses the thematic preamble of time and prestige, and style. The second part sequentially put expedition of the underlying interior in the picture capturing architectural details, vista and shape and shadow. Last part tells the present story of the exterior in light of the surrounding at present. In short, the justification of making this sequential development to bring the whole story inside out from it’s behind theme to the present.
Location: Manikgang (Bangladesh)

eyes says everything

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My aim to inform other about their sufferings and their living condition of the people in this part of the country. Because to me it’s a great issue that people are dying and suffer from winter. Its not only the winter; the main other cause is this part of the country is less developed and economically poor. Hope my work can draw attention from the necessary authority. The photo story about winter affect people in northern part of Bangladesh.Cold wave death toll rises to 72 in 8 districts in Bangladesh. I was reading the newspapers and talking on the phone with my friends and suddenly that news stroked me. I decided to go to that place.Thakurgaon is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh and about four lac (4,00,000) people lives in there.The country's lowest temperature 7.7 degree Celsius was recorded at Thakurgaon this year. A mild to moderate cold wave was also sweeping northern district of Bangladesh.

I was felt so sympathic for those people who have been died because of the cold wave. Other survivors waiting for the help and rescue from this bitter cold and natural disaster.

Location: North Bangle(Thakurgaon)

Toriqul Islam going to his paddy field after fazar paryer to look after his agriculture work, Salandor, Thakurgaon

Srimoti Chukchuki 100 years old. She can not see and hear properly. In winter season she feels more sick., East Jamuripara, Salandor, Thakurgaon.

In a winter morning Omar Chowdhuri preparing his land for seasonal corn cultivation, Salandor, Thakurgaon

Mother trying to save her child from this cold wave. All family member gathers in a temporary fire place, East Jamuripara, Salandor, Thakurgaon

Chumpa and her 15 days old baby goat. All the day she spends playing with it East Jamuripara, Salandor, Thakurgaon.

Mr, Abdul Rouf can not sleep last night because of the cold wave. After the sun rise he is recovering last nights sleep, Rail Station Road, Thakurgaon.

Maliha Begum wating for the relief infront of the Khongaon Union Parishod offfice, Pirgonj, Thakurgaon. She got the token but still don’t know she is going to get the relif or not. The relif is very limited and lots of winter affected people in there.

In a bitter winter night young people gather in a fire place to make them worm, College Para, Thakurgaon.

An old man travelling towards Panchogarh from Thakurgaon by a train, Ruiya, Thakurgaon